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Magnolia Wheel & Tire: Near the 91 and 15 Freeways

New & used Tires, Wheels, Rims, Brakes, Auto Repair and More

Tires, Auto Service, Repair - Corona - Riverside, CA

Call us: (951) 272-3384
We are:
- Close to the 91 FWY (McKinley exit)
- Close to the 15 FWY (Magnolia exit)

We offer a number of auto services including;

  • Tires & Wheels: Sales, Installation, & Service
  • Alignment Service
  • Brake Pad/Rotor Inspection, Replacement & Installation
  • Oil & Air Filter & Intake Service
  • Tune Ups
  • Misc. Mechanic Work & Auto Repair

Magnolia Wheel & Tire has been servicing vehicles for over 20 years. We work on a wide range of vehicles; foreign and domestic. Whether you own car, truck, van, Jeep or SUV, your auto will receive our professional care and attention.


Our building is located on Magnolia Blvd in Corona, CA about 1 mile east of the 15 FWY and just South of the 91 FWY. We are on the corner of Magnolia Blvd and Moody St. Corona is located near Anaheim, Riverside, Chino, and Fullterton, CA.

Magnolia Wheel and Tire
13853 Magnolia Avenue
Corona, CA
(951) 272-3384

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Auto Services

Tire BRake and AUto Repaid and Service in Corona, CA

Tires & Wheels: Sales, Installation, & Service
We carry a large selection of wheels/tires/rims. Our technicians are very experienced at inspecting, installing, and rotating wheels/tires. We also offer used tires and wheels.

Alignment Service
Maintaining proper alignment is important. It helps minimize wear and tear on your vehicle's tires as well as your steering column.

Brake Pad/Rotor Inspection, Replacement & Installation
Our technicians have years of experience inspecting, servicing, and replacing/installing brakes. We''ll make sure you have quality brake pads and rotors and plenty of brake fluid. We'll make sure you leave here with quality brake service.

Oil & Air Filter Service
Chaging out your oil and filters are an ongoing must and helps ensure your vehicle runs smoothly by minimizing wear wear on your engine and keeping your air filtration running smoothly.

Tune Ups
Tune ups important for maintaining you vehicle's health and longevity. Come and see us for a tune-up. Our technicians will make sure your vehicle stays healthy.

Misc. Mechanic Work & Auto Repair
We also provide a number of other mechanic/auto repair services. We also offer discounted used/refurbished parts.

Magnolia Wheel & Tire -13853 Magnolia Avenue Corona, CA 92879-2085 - (951) 272-3384 - Find us on Google+